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All Seasons Paint

John and Laura Carminati are the owners of All Seasons Paint, a distributor of Benjamin Moore paints.  Together they’ve built upon John’s father’s vision of quality service and products with a hometown feel.  They’ve made Woodland their home, raised their two boys here and continue to see the community as an important part of their lives; both personally and in business.

With five total employees, including John and Laura, you can be assured no matter who you work with you are in good hands.  All Seasons Paint is a place where you’ll feel welcome and comfortable.  You can hang out at the counter or wander the showroom to dream up your next project (I know because I’ve done it many times).

All Seasons Paint

How long have you owned All Seasons Paint?
Laura: Since 1999, but John’s dad opened the business in 1984.

Kelly: How did your dad decide to open this business?
John: He would come up this way to hunt. I’m talking 50 plus years ago, way before 113 was built. He would drive up East Street, and we would camp in Knights Landing in a trailer, for weeks, with all his friends and their sons. Originally he was a Chemist; he decided to change his profession and take on owning a paint store. The Bay Area real estate was too expensive, so he thought about Woodland. At the time, they kept going back and forth with the idea. He settled for making his paint in Dixon and then the opportunity to open a store in Woodland came up. So he decided to come here.  In fact, that first year of business he was completely on his own. He was too late to run his number in the yellow pages, so he spent his first year without any traditional advertising. He was originally at 1041 Main Street and decided, later, to become a distributor of Benjamin Moore paint. We aren’t a franchise. Instead, we purchase their product and resell it through our business.

All Seasons Paint_Showroom

All Seasons Paint Showroom

Was it the game plan for you to take over the business from your dad?
John: No, not really.  When my dad opened the business in 1984, my mom, sisters and I still lived in the Bay Area.  After high school, I had a good paying job as a truck driver.  Laura and I are high school sweethearts, so together we made our home in the Bay Area.  After having our first child, Laura said that if I wanted to follow my dream, of owning the paint store, now was the time.  We sold our home and moved to Woodland, where we didn’t know anyone.  That was 25 years ago!  Everyone thought we were crazy.  We had a great jobs, a new baby and we didn’t know what to expect.  My dad told us we’d never go without food, and that was true.  Here we are now, and we’ve been very blessed.  We both work hard, and it isn’t always easy.  When I started in the business, my dad told me to meet people.  He said, “Don’t sell anything, just introduce yourself and meet new people.”  I met a lot of nice people.

Laura: To this day we are still friends with a lot of those people.
John: They’ve become our very good friends.  They’ve helped to spread the word.  You know, you can buy paint anywhere.  But we are lucky because we base our business on knowledge, service and quality.  We strive to do what we know is best.

All Seasons Paint

All Seasons Paint
What services do you provide and does your business go beyond Woodland?
Laura: We have the Hunter Douglass gallery; we measure, order and install.  We also carry all the Benjamin Moore paint lines.  I also provide color consultation.  We also recommend painting contractors to our customers.  We have a good partnership with our contractors.  John: I consult on commercial jobs, and we go as far as Manteca, Redwood City, Capitola, actually we will go anywhere.  We deliver all of our products, so we travel a bit.  We also carry a full line of airless sprayers and do repairs on them too.

Favorite Memories while working here?
Laura: All the customers who have become our long term friends.  John:  Working here with my employees & my two boys from when they were small through their high school years.  I enjoy that our employees are learning the business, not just knowing how to work here.  I like seeing our paint on projects in our community, it makes me feel good.

All Seasons Paint

All Seasons Paint

What do you want Woodland to know?
Laura: We have a lot of projects downtown.  We’re proud to say that our paint in being used in our town.  Right now our paint is on the Daily Democrat building and buildings along First and Main Streets.  John:  I’m just glad that the community enjoys doing business with us. We don’t advertise, so it makes me feel good when new customers come through the door.  Our strength is who we are and word of mouth. We don’t take that for granted.  If it weren’t for the community support, we wouldn’t be here.

All Seasons Paint Cat

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All Seasons Paint
96 West Main Street

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