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Woodland Restaurants



Here is a list of the restaurants in Woodland. They are ready to serve you!  You can always find this list under the Eat & Drink tab, then click Woodland Restaurants.

Please let us know if we’ve missed a restaurant or you find a correction that needs to be made – comment on this post or email Kelly@visitwoodland.com


Applebee’s, 1709 East Main St., 668-8282. Soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, kids menu, desserts

Brown’s Corner Bar and Grill, 392 West Main St., 662-1100. Big breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, salads, full bar

Corkwood Restaurant, 117 W. Court St., 662-9386. Family place,  Chicken Fried Steak

Chicago Café, 411 Main St., 662-2292. Chinese-American: Egg Foo Young 

Country Waffles, 383 W Main St., #A, 668-4920. Waffles all day, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, desserts

Deb’s Deli & More, 1264 E. Gibson Rd. (County Fair Mall), 666-3600. Burgers, dogs, sandwiches, drinks

Denny’s, 1568 E. Main St., 666-4001; 21 Bernard Ct., 662-1328. Classic diner fare, 24/7/365

Don’s Diner, 646 Cottonwood St., 669-7851. Comfort food: meatloaf, sweet potato pie, pancakes, Belgian waffles, BLTs

Guinevere’s Caf’e & Bistro, 317 2nd St., (916) 524-8913, Italian/Scandinavian cuisine & much more

Judy’s Grinder, 286 W Main St., 662-8600. Cheese steak, Country Ranch Cheeseburger, fish-and-chips, toasted subs

Kenny’s Bar & Grill, 721 East St., 662-3634. BBQ brisket sandwiches, fried oysters, patio seating, live music

Ludy’s Main Street BBQ, 667 Main St., 666-4400. BBQ ribs, chicken, beef, savory sides, patio seating, frequent musical guests

MoJo’s Kitchen428, 428-1/2 First St., 661-0428. Menu favors local farm-to-table fare, emphasizing seasonal freshness; lively and elegant

Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop, 1801 E Gibson Rd. # B, 406-1704. A chocolate chip cookie comes with your sandwich

Perry’s Cozy Diner, 590 N East St., 662-6628. Oatmeal, waffles, and steak-and-eggs, chicken, ribs, chili, friendly service

Plainfield Station, 3944 County Road 98, 668-0207. Small “biker bar,” incredible burgers with lots of toppings and sides

Pretzel Choice, 1264 E. Gibson Rd. (County Fair Mall), 666-6143. Pretzels plain or with a selection of tasty dips, Polish wraps, churros

Red Robin, 2031 Bronze Star Dr., 661-7470. Gourmet burgers, salads, wraps, sandwiches, soups

Stack’d & Brew’d, 540 Main Street, 402-1616.  Handcrafted sandwiches

The Burger Saloon, 601 Main St., 668-2747   Great burgers, starters, sides, salads, desserts, full bar

The Elephant Shack,  39492 Kentucky Ave., 666-2266  Hearty breakfasts and sandwiches, chili, nachos

The Savory Café, 722A Main St., 668-4009. Local favorite, plump sandwiches, chicken fried steak, Eggs Benedict, omelets

The Nest at Wild Wings, 18544 Wild Wing Dr., 661-4716. Golf club venue; Call for updates



El Aguila Bakery, 1495 East St., 669-6611. Excellent breads and pastries of Mexico

El Charro, 415 Main St., 661-3166. Extensive menu of favorites, good bar, friendly service

El Jaliscience Restaurant, 1231 E. Main St., 669-7826. Authentic, delicious street tacos and other favorites

El Mesquite Mexican Food, 1837 E. Gibson Rd., Ste. A, 668-0928. Traditional Mexican fare, great discount lunch specials

El Paisano Taco Truck, 1460 E Main St. Patrons swear by this one, fresh ingredients, served piping hot

El Patio, 1016 Gibson Rd., 661-9000. Horchata, carne asada fries, chicken enchiladas, carnitas tacos; drive-thru available

Hecho en Mexico Taqueria, 374 California St., 666-1418. Traditional tacos, plus carne asada, lots of salsas, hand-to-find Pulque

Iguana’s Mexican Grill, 1849 E Gibson Rd., 662-1952.  Chipotle chicken, shrimp burrito, arrachera or adobada tacos

El Abuelo Tortas , 425 East St., 661-1480  Thick house-made thick flour tortillas, savory mole, chicken soup, plump tacos

Las Brasas, 437 1st St 530-554-5506   Fantastic Tacos and Salsa

La Fogata, 906 Main St., 662-5821. Meaty tacos, condiment bar, occasional music

La Michoacama, 2020 E. Main St., 661-1383; 437 First St., 668-0633. Popusas, tacos, echata mano, authentic fare

La Pasadita, 117 W. Main St., 666-9711. Cozy spot with traditional favorites

Las Islitas, 1527 East St., 406-1501. Mexican seafood: oyster, shrimp, fish prepared many ways, steaks, fajitas, chicken

Quatro Milpas, 534 Main St., 406-0251. Hole-in-the-wall on Main Street serving essentials

Maria’s Cantina, 306 6th St., 402-1540. Fresh local ingredients, churrasco, tortas, street-style tacos, sopapillas

Pupuseria La Chicana, 25 Purity Plaza, 668-0270. Distinctive Mexican/Salvadorian cuisine

Quetzal Taqueria, 2 W. Court St., 666-4062. Homemade tortillas, gorditas, pozzole, menudo

Super Burrito & Taqueria, 90 W Court St., 666-5499. Shrimp burrito, carne asada torta, big cheese tamales

Taqueria Guadalajara, 6 W Court St., 668-0628. Loaded Super Burrito, tangy enchilada sauce, salsa bar, nacho platter

Tacos El Paisano, 1392 East Main St., 661-1040. Adobado tacos are the bomb

Vince’s Mexican Restaurant, 140 W Main St., 666-6049. Fresh hot chips and salsa, shrimp taco salad, enchilada verde


Bangkok Cuisine Thai, 525 Main St., 668-9788. Pad Thai, drunken noodles with basil soy sauce, pineapple fried rice

Chicago Café, 411 Main St., 662-2292. Chinese / American combo that works: from Egg Foo Young to Chicken Fried Steak

China Smorgi, 14 W. Court St., 666-1210. Chow mein, popcorn shrimp, other standards

Golden Dragon Restaurant, 353 W Main St., Suite G, 666-2828. Sesame chicken, foo young, prawns with lobster sauce

I Love Teriyaki No. 7, 469 Pioneer Ave., 666-7474. Japanese and Asian fare, from grilled pork Thai-style chicken

Jinju Sushi, 467 Pioneer Ave., 666-7575. Cozy family-run place serves top-quality, fresh fish, lobster tempura, wide selection of plump rolls

Ono Teriyaki, 10 N East St., 666-4277. Japanese and Hawaiian: BBQ short ribs, kalua pork, generous rice and noodle bowls

Orient Connection, 1264 E. Gibson Rd. (County Fair Mall), 666-9715. Chinese cuisine, all the standards

Osaka Sushi, 608 Main St., 668-0288. Sushi, but also donburi, udon and ramen dishes, sukiyaki, tonkatsu, other delights 

Pad Thai, 808 Main St., 668-9364. From Thailand: papaya salad, pad see ew, pork in red curry, chicken rama, much more

Spring Garden, 610 Cottonwood St., 662-6123. Hot and sour soup, beef chow fun, General Tso’s chicken, combo dinners

Top Himalaya, 1837 E. Gibson Rd., 219-2051. Cuisine of India and Nepal: samosas, pakoras, paneers, soups, salads

Treasure Dragon Chinese Cuisine and Sushi, 1810 E Main St., Ste. 102, 669-5818. Chinese combined with sushi bar


Biggies Pizza & Wings, 638 Cottonwood St., 402-1628

DK’s Place Family Arcade, 1495 East St., 406-0244 

Domino’s Pizza, 1370 E. Main St., 662-5353

Little Caesars Pizza, 68 W. Court St., 662-4226

Master Pizza, 2 West Court St., 668-8000

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake, 9 Main St. #15, 669-7272

Picasso’s Pizza, 117 W Court St., 668-9168

Pizza Guys, 1837 E. Gibson Rd., 668-8888

Rico’s Pizza, 171 W. Main St., 666-7809

Round Table Pizza, 421 Pioneer Ave., 666-3701

Steve’s Pizza, 714 Main St., 666-2100


Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors, 91 W. Court St., 662-0197

Big Kahuna Yogurt, 1861 E. Gibson Rd.,   402-1861

Cindy’s Cinnamon Rolls, 1264 E. Gibson Rd. (County Fair Mall), 661-0072

Cookie Company, 710 Main St., 662-7920

Jamba Juice, 1897 E. Gibson Rd., 406-0486

Razz Frozen Yogurt, 353 W. Main St., 662-3300

Spoon Me Yogurt, 2021 Bronze Star Dr., 309-6390

Timothy’s Bakery, 422 Main St., 661-6044


Burger King, 251 W. Main St., 662-8300

Carl’s Jr., 98 West Main St., 668-1289

Carl’s Jr. / Green Burrito, 1556 East Main St., 669-7124

In-N-Out Burger, 2011 Bronze Star Dr.,   786-1000

Jack in the Box, Two locations: 1200 E. Main St.,   666-4374 and 2010 E. Main St., 669-6606

McDonalds, Two locations: 1500 E. Main St., 668-1011 and 1716 E. Main St., 661-0193

Panda Express, 2041 Bronze Star Dr.,  666-1392

Quiznos Sandwich, 92 W. Court St.,  661-0732

Subway, Two locations: 362 California St., 668-1411 and 461 Pioneer Ave., 668-1666

Taco Bell, Two locations: 411 Pioneer Ave., 669-7198 and 208 W. Main St., 661-1642

Wienerschnitzel, 103 W. Main St., 662-7978


Common Grounds Coffee House, 729 Main Street. Myriad coffee drinks, scones and pastries, juices

Dutch Brothers Coffee, 722-A Main St.; 1332 E. Main St. Clever walk-up/drive-thru brew stops

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, 367 Main St., 666-1156. The venerable chain with coffee, tea, pastries, cookies

Starbucks, three locations: 361 W. Main St., 669-1556; 1801 E. Gibson Rd., 669-3287; 2185 Bronze Star Dr., 665-4148