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2017 California Honey Festival Schedule

Looking for information on the 2018 California Honey Festival?  Follow this link for 2018!

Downtown Woodland’s Main Street will bee a buzz on Saturday, May 6th.  The first annual California Honey Festival comes to town and is sure to be an amazing event.  It’s a fun packed day with music, food and vendors all along Main Street.

Below is the map and schedule, just click on the pictures and screenshot it on your phone for easy access on Saturday.

Some tips to make it the best day EVER:

Ride your bike!  There is a bike valet near Blue Note Brewing Company

Stay Hydrated…with WATER!  Make sure to drink plenty of water. Although the weather will be mild, at 70 degrees, it’s easy to forget to drink that water.

Bring your kids.  This a FREE event and there will be lots of activities for your kids to enjoy…not to mention the festival takes place on one of our most historic streets.  It’s kinda cool!

Say Hi to all of the vendors.  People and businesses from Woodland and way beyond have dedicated their day to us.  There will be booths all along Main Street (between College and Third) selling their wares.  Pick up a few trinkets or just ask where they are from.  You might learn something new.

Have fun everyone!  And Thank You to the California Honey Festival for choosing Woodland as your home.

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