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27th Annual Epicurean Esprit

Courtesy of Yolo ENP

 The 27th Annual Epicurean Esprit is this Thursday, May 19th.  This is a fun community fundraising event to support the all important Meals on Wheels program (via the Elderly Nutrition Program).  Friends of Meals on Wheels Vice President, Julie Mast, was kind enough to give me the inside scoop about an event she has worked on for 19 years:

Event Summary:
Thursday, May 19, 2016
6:00 – 9:00 pm
1310 West Street, Woodland
Tickets, cost $50

What is the purpose of the Epicurean Esprit?
The purpose of the Epicurean Esprit is to raise funds for Friends of Meals on Wheels which supports the Elderly Nutrition Program of Yolo County. This money helps to ensure continued meal delivery to almost 350 elderly people at home and at Senior Center locations throughout Yolo County every weekday.  We hope to raise at least $15,000 at this event.

How old is the event and how long have your participated?
It’s actually the 27th Annual Esprit and I’ve actually been involved with it for 19 years (Yikes!) and nothing has really changed over the years.  It is still held each year at a different signature home in Yolo County and is supported by area restaurants, wineries, and breweries who donate their food and beverage for the event.  One thing that has changed is that we have new wonderful restaurants in Woodland in the last few years who also will be attending this year.

Where is this year’s event being held?
The Esprit is being held at the home of Dave and Candis Snow, 1310 West Street in Woodland.  This is actually the second time the Snows are hosting the event.  They hosted about 10 years ago as well.

courtesy of Yolo ENP
courtesy of Yolo ENP

This sounds like a big event!  How many people volunteer to make it happen?
We have around 10 people on our volunteer committee for the event, and we will also have at least another 15 people volunteering that night to help with set-up/clean-up and the running of the event including parking.

What can I expect if this is my first time attending?
If this is your first time at this event you can expect a special gathering of local community members as they mingle and sample some of Yolo County’s finest cuisine, wine and beverages donated by more than 50 local restaurants, wineries, and breweries. People really enjoy this event because it is in someone’s yard every year and not at an event center so it has a special “garden party” feel to it.

Also, Parking is available at Woodland Hospital Surgery Center with shuttles running every 10 minutes to and from the event.

Where can tickets be purchased?
Tickets are available in Woodland at National Real Estate, Strelitzia Flower Company, and the Gifted Penguin or in Davis at Strelitzia Flowers Company or online at https://esprit2016.eventbrite.com

Where can I donate to Friend of Meals on Wheels?
To donate to Friends of Meals on Wheels contact Kathy Aukes at 530 304 4682.  Hope to see everyone out on May 19th to support the elderly of Yolo County.

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ALways a fabulous event. Can’t wait!