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Kelly Peart found her calling when she opened her business Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals.  A self-professed busy body, Kelly has channeled her creativity and business experience into a successful event prop rental and styling company.  Her clientele reach often has her services in Chico, Colusa County, and of course, Woodland.

Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals has only been in business since September of 2015 and already Kelly has built her inventory and partnered, as a preferred vendor, with multiple venues.  I believe there will be no stopping Kelly as she continues her vision and turns it into reality.

Here is my conversation with Kelly.

Introduce yourself and your business.
My name is Kelly Peart and my business is Blossom Farms Vintage Rentals.

Tell me, when did you first think about opening your own business?
I was originally partners with someone in another business and we went our separate ways, and there was still a need for rentals.  People were very supportive and wanting me to continue by opening my own business.  So, I did and I absolutely love it.

What exactly is your business?
We rent vintage and antique decor and props for any event.  These props can be used both indoor and outdoor.  It’s not just for weddings either.  I’ve done bridal showers, sweet 16, and baby showers.  I’m also a stylist, so I work with customers on the overall design and styling of the event.

BF-8Tell me the steps you took to go out on your own. Talk about building your inventory and your marketing plan.
I have a network of people in the business who help find pieces for my inventory.  Every weekend, it seems, I’m going to Vintage Faires and finding pieces.  Between what my friends find and what I find I’ve been able to create the inventory.  My husband makes a lot of my props too, for instance, he made all the farm tables, which is amazing.  I try not to carry items that everyone else may be carrying.  I like offering a variety of pieces.  It is a lot of work but we are loving it.  Plus, my showroom is at my house, which makes it very easy when someone calls with a last-minute need.  I can load up my truck and make the delivery.

When I first started, in September of 2015, I painted the showroom and built my inventory.  I got my business license and got on Facebook, which has been huge.  I receive a lot of customers from Facebook and social media.  Word of mouth is very helpful too.  Just this week, I had four people call me off of Facebook.  I also partner with venues to become a preferred vendor.



Tell me your background.
I have an Accounting degree and I previously owned a business with my sister Karen called the Red Balloon.  But before all that, my original major was Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.  So, my creative interest goes back quite a while.  After working at many different retailers, I opened the Red Balloon.  But when the mall opened it really hurt business so we closed our doors.  From there I worked accounting jobs and construction management.  When my kids got older I joined the school district so my schedule could mirror theirs.

Tell me some of the business challenges you face?
I don’t draw a paycheck from the business because we’re spending our capital on building up our inventory.  But one way I look at it is the pieces I purchase have value. Unlike retail where trends come and go, our inventory is worth something.  I can resell the pieces if needed.  But this is something I plan on doing into retirement.


BF-2What’s Blossom Farm’s style?
I have a lot of Italian and Mediterranean style, which is what I really like.  I’ll do anything, but my thing is simple and less is more.  My personal style is lavender, olive branches, and hydrangeas, and classic pieces.

What’s your favorite memory or time as owner?
When the client comes out to the showroom for the first time because they are so excited.  Another special moment is when I see their pictures and my props are displayed.

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All photos courtesy of Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals