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Welcome To Visit Woodland

Welcome to the Visit Woodland website.

This site is the work of two local people, Al Eby and Kelly Newsom. Separately they both had the basic idea of wanting to promote Woodland businesses.

Al, the owner of Blue Wing Gallery, owns the domain VisitWoodland.com with the purpose of creating a one-stop shop for resident and visitors of Woodland to learn about Woodland businesses and events. He had the perfect platform.

Kelly had the content but not the platform. Looking for a hobby and creative outlet to fill her spare time she recognized the lack of information about Woodland on the web. Multiple websites had their own information but there wasn’t ONE site that tied it all together. After visiting a few shops downtown, she developed a simple concept – promote local business owners and their businesses by creating in-depth, meaningful, and fun content on a lifestyle blog. Her feeling was whether you’re a visitor to Woodland or a resident there is always something to learn about the people who provide goods and services in our town.

Kelly approached Al to discuss her concept and it wasn’t the easiest sell. Kelly’s idea of a lifestyle blog didn’t quiet jived with Al’s idea of how to best promote Woodland. Remember, he’s a businessman and she’s….well, she was looking for a hobby! They agreed there was something there, but a partnership was tabled for the time being. But they did agree upon the most important factor; Woodland should have ONE website that unifies all the needs of it’s residents and visitors.

Fast forward two months – Kelly had been busy developing the “Spotlight” content, passing out her business card to businesses, scheduled future interviews, and working with business owners on new ideas and content. Meanwhile, Al’s domain became available to create a site the two could mutually agree upon.

VisitWoodland.com is a great blend of both Al’s and Kelly’s separate visions. They believe the site will have something for everyone who visits. Additional content will be added often and new ideas and ways to communicate what is happening in Woodland will be created.  Both Al and Kelly look at the site as a work in progress – ever changing and dynamic.  Being the only two people working on the site we look to our readers for patience and understanding.  With full time jobs, this is an evening and weekend venture that they are more than happy to do.

We are so happy to present VisitWoodland.com to you. Thank you for stopping by.