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Branigan’s Turkey Farm

Branigan's Turkey Farm

Branigan’s Turkey Farm, a lovely family owned business since 1942 is running full speed as Thanksgiving approaches.  Branigan’s is synonymous with quality and consistency and come highly recommended by anyone who has been fortunate enough to eat one of their birds.  I was lucky enough to interview owner, Terri Sue ...

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Farm to Fork Paella, Every Friday at Savory Cafe

Paella Friday 082616-1

This Friday hit up Savory Cafe and try their farm to fork Paella.  It’s beautiful, it’s delicious and it’s made with all local ingredients.  Savory frequently uses rice from Black Fox Brand, vegetables from Fully Belly Farm and Riverdog Farm and seafood from Nugget Market, known for their fresh catches. Savory Cafe 722 Main St ...

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Father Paddy’s Irish Pub, Sneak Peek

FP week 1-1

One of the cool things about blogging on VisitWoodland is learning how passionate business owners are about what they do.  To date, I’ve only interviewed established businesses.  They are open for business and well into the day-to-day operations. So, I was super happy to hear that Patrick Redmond, owner of ...

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Morgan’s On Main


I was highly anticipating the opening of Morgan’s On Main last September, in fact, I could not wait.  Not only was I curious about the food, but I was so hoping for something unique for Woodland to call their own.  Like many people in Woodland, I had expectations!  I fondly ...

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Holiday Entertaining Tips: Ultimate Cheese Platter

Ultimate Cheese Platter

I love cheese, and I especially love a cheese platter.  But I will say, sometimes it’s kind of intimidating.  There’s soft, hard, stinky, creamy, and other qualifiers that describe cheese.  Plus, you also have to determine the pairings that go with each cheese…then there are the crackers and bread.  And ...

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Mojo’s & Kitchen428

Kitchen 428

I’ve just recently met Christy Hayes, owner of Mojo’s and Kitchen428, and already I’m impressed.  She has a strong work ethic, an ability to bring her vision to reality, and has created a place to build community.  She tirelessly works to ensure she is successful but is sure not to ...

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Yolo Eats Part 2 of 2

Yolo Eats - Morgan's On Main

Here is part 2 (of 2) of my interview with Yolo Eats’ General Manager, Brett Gardenhire.  Yolo Eats manages three entities; BlackPine Catering & Events, Maria’s Cantina, and Morgan’s On Main.  Additionally, Yolo Eats manages the event venue at Windmill Farm & Vineyard.  As a side note, Morgan’s On Main is ...

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Yolo Eats – Part 1 of 2

Yolo Eats - Morgan's On Main

In my 37 minute conversation with Yolo Eats General Manager, Brett Gardenhire, we managed to cover everything from the company’s mission to global branding to how Woodland can become a destination.  Yolo Eats’ message is loud and clear, but most of all it’s very focused; Yolo Eats is ready to conquer ...

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Guinevere’s Caf’e and Bistro


Story and Photos by Kelly Newsom Guinevere’s Caf’e and Bistro like many of the local businesses in Woodland is striving to bring the community together through their art and food.  Owners Marco and Jennifer Fuoco are the curators of their own lives and let’s just say they show well. Whether you’re looking for ...

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