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People of Woodland: Farrell Scott


Woodland totally scored when 11 years ago  Farrell Scott accepted a job in town.  Since then, Farrell has put her own mark on Woodland and will continue to do so since she recently relocated her own business here.  She is the current Creative Director at Yolo Eats and is also managing ...

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Woodland’s 2016 Relay For Life


Last year’s Relay for Life post was one of my favorites because of how important this event is to so many people.  The fight is as strong as ever as Woodlanders come out to support this year’s fundraiser on October 1st & 2nd.  Lisa Singleton, Community Manager for Relay for ...

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Happy Thanksgiving, Thank you!


I always tell people I started this blog because there was a need for a connection between our town’s businesses, people and events and those who visit or live here.  And, it is true, there was and still is a need.  What I haven’t told people, mostly because I didn’t ...

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Vets Of Woodland: John Newsom

John Newsom: Vets of Woodland

Name: John Newsom What Branch of the Armed Forces were you with: United States Marines What was your rank when you finished serving: CPL How long did you serve?  3 Years Were you deployed, where?  Korea 1 year Fondest memory while serving?  There was a lot.  Probably coming home from ...

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The Dog Park


If you’ve ever driven by the Community Center during the early evening hours, you are sure to have noticed a small group of people gathered at the small dog park.  It’s a nightly event for these folks and their small pooches; they come out around the same time every night, ...

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People of Woodland: Jim Smith

people of Woodland

Tell me your name and occupation. Jim Smith, Editor, The Daily Democrat How long have you had your position with the Daily Democrat? Since May 1994 I have been the Editor of The Democrat. How has reporting the news changed since you’ve been with the Democrat? There is a lot ...

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People of Woodland: Ron Caceres

people of Woodland

Tell me your name and what your occupation is. My name is Ron Caceres.  I am a real estate owner, manager and developer, and also the President of the Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association (HWDBA). In what way are you a part of the community? (volunteer work, boards, building owner, ...

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