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Lavona Gelardi Photography


Have you ever met someone whose demeanor immediately puts you at ease?  Or a person who you’ve never met, but the first time you talk with them it’s like you’ve been friends forever?  How about that person where conversation flows freely–no holding back, no hiding–just speaking from the heart?  Lavona Gelardi ...

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Gift Giving Ideas: Boxwood Nursery


With less than a week before Christmas your choices for gift giving are NOT limited in Woodland.  Today, we’re featuring Boxwood Nursery & Gifts.  Boxwood is not only a garden center and landscaping service, they are also have an expansive gift center filled with home and kitchen accessories, BBQ supplies, ...

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Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals


Kelly Peart found her calling when she opened her business Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals.  A self-professed busy body, Kelly has channeled her creativity and business experience into a successful event prop rental and styling company.  Her clientele reach often has her services in Chico, Colusa County, and of course, Woodland. Blossom Farm ...

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Emily Tidwell Photography


Like so many business owners in Woodland, Emily Tidwell of Emily Tidwell Photography started with a passion and turned it into a gold mine.  A nanny turned photographer, Emily paired two loves, children and photography, into a business and really has never looked back.  Emily’s photos are dream-like and warm, ...

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Emily Murphey Designs


Have you ever been in awe and wonder of someone’s talent?  How about before you ever met them or knew it was their work you were impressed by?  It’s happened to me, and only once. Long before I met Emily Murphey of Emily Murphey Designs, or even knew who she was, ...

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Holiday Entertaining Tips: Ultimate Cheese Platter

Ultimate Cheese Platter

I love cheese, and I especially love a cheese platter.  But I will say, sometimes it’s kind of intimidating.  There’s soft, hard, stinky, creamy, and other qualifiers that describe cheese.  Plus, you also have to determine the pairings that go with each cheese…then there are the crackers and bread.  And ...

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The Antique Owl


It seems within the last few years or so weddings, parties and events are less likely to take place in traditional venues.  Look at any wedding blog/magazine or photographer’s website and you are sure to see these events taking place on farms, vineyards, and even forests.  The use of vintage ...

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