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Crawfish & Catfish Festival

Southern charm and hospitality is coming to Woodland this weekend!  The Crawfish & Catfish Festival lasts all weekend beginning tomorrow, Saturday 9/9, at 11am.  Expect a fun atmosphere with food, drink and music.  Here are a few details from festival organizer, Louisiana Sue:

Crawdad & Catfish Festival
When: Saturday & Sunday 9/9 – 9/10
Where: Yolo County Fair Grounds
Cost: Two Tickets for $18, (Mardi Gras on Bourbon St is $15- 21 and over)
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What is the Crawdad & Catfish Festival?
It’s the ultimate food and music experience. It’s like getting a ticket to Louisiana. We’ll take you from the Bayou to Bourbon Street and we really do!  So you get the food, the music and the feeling.

What kind of food will be sold?
My chefs actually come from all over, come from Louisiana and Texas and then right here in Woodland, we have Father Paddy’s. They’re representing the Irish channel.  Expect jambalayas, gumbos, étouffées, frog legs, alligator, shrimp, beignets, king cakes, and MORE.

Are kids welcome?
I’m a grandmother and when we take the kids, bring them somewhere; it costs a fortune.  Not this time!  We have free jump house and free face painting.   They can play games and win toys.  We really want the family to come and have a great experience.

You have a new evening event this year, what is it?
We have Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street from 7:00 to 11:00, but you must be 21.  We have fire dancers, burlesque dancers, drink specials and we party on Bourbon Street.  Also, we have a Bruno Mars type act!  This portion of the festival is an additional ticket which costs $15.

Schedule of Events: