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Downtown Woodland Beer Week Festivities

Downtown Woodland’s Beer Week begins Sunday, August 27 with a Brewer’s Dinner at Kitchen428.  The week then continues with nightly events leading to the Yolo BrewFest on Saturday, September 2.  Organizer and event creator Christy Hayes, owner of Mojo’s & Kitchen428, quickly organized local bars, restaurants and breweries to create fun beer-centric events along Downtown Woodland’s Main Street.

The idea for Beer Week began with Christy’s Brewer’s Dinner which is scheduled for the weekend preceding the Yolo BrewFest.  She saw an opportunity this year to create a week long celebration and went with it!  Just take a look at the calendar of events, it is pretty impressive and exciting to see the participation of local businesses.

Here’s what Christy had to say about Beer Week, and below is a calendar of the week’s events.

How did the idea of Beer Week come about?
Several months ago I started talking to the Yolo Farm to Fork group about doing a Brewer’s Dinner to raise money for their school garden’s program for Dingle Elementary.  We choose the date of August 27th.  Then I started thinking about the whole week and the dinner is six days before the BrewFest and maybe other businesses would be interested in creating enough events to celebrate the entire week leading into the BrewFest.  I’ve seen Davis and Sacramento do this and I’ve always wanted to have a Beer Week in Downtown Woodland, especially with the growth of craft beers.

What does the calendar look like?
Every night there will be at least two to three beer-centric events at different locations.  For instance, Blue Note will have something every day. Mojo’s is doing three or four events, as is Father Paddy’s.  We also have Food Truck Mania involved and they are bringing in a beer garden on Sunday, September 3.  The beer garden will raise funds for Yolo Animal Services.

What’s the Brewer’s Dinner?
The Brewer’s Dinner is on Sunday, August 27 at 6pm. It will be a four course dinner with beer pairings. We are working with Blue Note Brewery, Sudwerk Brewery, Figueroa Mountain Brewing and Berryessa Brewing to put together a menu.  We will also have wine from Matchbook Wines and Route 3 Wines.  We have a lot of donated items; Panorama Beef donated the filet minion, SunFed Ranch is providing the ground beef and Salmon from Del Monte Meat Company.  For dessert, ZestWest Pastry will bake something special.

How difficult was the organization of Beer Week?
For its first year it is coming together pretty well.  The hardest thing is getting time with the restaurants, everyone is so busy.  I think people are grasping the concept and we’ll have a great turnout this year.  The City of Woodland is ready, Downtown Woodland is ready, and I think we’ll receive good feedback so that next year will be even better.  It’s exciting to have events happen on week nights.


Tickets to the Brewer’s Dinner can be purchased here
Print the Beer Week Calendar here:  Beer Week Calendar .pdf
Check the Downtown Woodland Beer Week’s official website calendar for changes here