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Father Paddy’s Irish Pub, Sneak Peek

FP week 1-1One of the cool things about blogging on VisitWoodland is learning how passionate business owners are about what they do.  To date, I’ve only interviewed established businesses.  They are open for business and well into the day-to-day operations.

So, I was super happy to hear that Patrick Redmond, owner of Father Paddy’s Irish Pub, was willing to let me tag along, once a week, to photo document his progress leading up to his opening day.  How cool is that?  I’ll answer that…VERY!  Starting next week, I’ll begin including some of Patrick’s construction phase comments and sharing pictures that capture the floor plan and progress.  I hope you’re as excited as I am about this feature.  
FP week 1-2

FP week 1-3

FP week 1-4

FP week 1-5

FP week 1-6

FP week 1-7

FP week 1-8

FP week 1-9

FP week 1-10