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Father Paddy’s Sneak Peek: Week 3

FP wk 3-17
Irish Stew

This week we’re highlighting the kitchen.  A new stove arrived and the walk-in fridge is cleaned up and has a fresh coat of food-grade paint.  Recipe testing is in full swing and I was able to taste the Irish Stew.  It is delicious!  The bar top now has trim and the interior of the bar has rough electrical and plumbing.  The open date for the pub is mid-April.  Are we ready for this, or what Woodland??

FP wk 3-16

FP wk 3-15

FP wk 3-13

FP wk 3-14

FP wk 3-1




FP wk 3-18
Dart area
FP wk 3-19

FP wk 3-20

FP wk 3-21


FP wk 3-23

FP wk 3-24

360 view from the best seat in the house:FP wk 3-2

FP wk 3-3

FP wk 3-4

FP wk 3-5

FP wk 3-6

FP wk 3-7

FP wk 3-8

FP wk 3-9

FP wk 3-10

FP wk 3-11

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