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Foodie Meet Up, What is it?

I’m hosting our first ever Foodie Meet Up with the House of Shah on Tuesday, November 21.  You can reserve your seat here.  So, what is a foodie meet up?  A meet up is an informal way for people with similar interests to meet each other.  Our foodie meet up is focused on introducing YOU to a Woodland restaurant.  It’s a twist, but one I think you’ll like.

Here’s more about the event:

What can you expect if you attend?
A group of 16 people will be dining together at a reserved table at the House of Shah.  Owners Selymon and Juliana will be on hand to introduce Afghan Cuisine and talk about their business.  After that, we’ll order off their menu and enjoy conversation about the food and get to know each other!  Expect a laid back environment where you can unwind and enjoy a meal with others.

What is Afghan Cuisine?
You can learn more about House of Shah HERE.  Dishes use familiar spices and ingredients that you’ve likely eaten before. Tomato and onion is found in most of their dishes as a base or foundation.  Although the food has spice I would not classify Shah’s food as spicy hot, however, you’ll have a chance to ask questions.  That’s why we’re doing the meet up!

How much does it cost?
Your seat at the table is free, however the food and drinks you consume will be your financial responsibility.  As well as the tip you provide the restaurant.  As a side note, I’ll ask that you share pictures of your meal and check-in to House of Shah on your own social media.  It’s likely something you would do anyway, but I like to help out businesses as much as possible and asking for your help is part of that mission!

Why you should attend?
If you haven’t been to House of Shah this is a great way to have the restaurant, food and owners introduced to you.  How often have you been to a restaurant and never met the owner, let alone hear their story?  This is a unique opportunity!  We’re lucky to have small businesses in town that are willing to open their doors.  This is a great way support them.

Who is the meet up for?
Anyone who wants to learn about Woodland’s restaurant scene and enjoys having an evening on the town.  If you love food, then this is a BONUS!

Will there be other Meet Ups?
Yes!  I’m coordinating with other restaurants and businesses for future meet ups.  The BEST way to learn about these events is to subscribe to the blog.  You’ll receive updates via email when new posts are up, including these Meet Ups.

I hope to meet you at House of Shah on November 21st!