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Happy Thanksgiving, Thank you!

patagona-erratic-rock-fitz-roy-torres-del-paine-065I always tell people I started this blog because there was a need for a connection between our town’s businesses, people and events and those who visit or live here.  And, it is true, there was and still is a need.  What I haven’t told people, mostly because I didn’t want to think about it, is that I needed the blog for my sanity.  I needed an outlet for a lot of pent up energy, wasting away creativity and, really, a place where I could take my mind off the loss of my father.

My father passed away in March of this year and to say it’s been difficult is such an understatement that it would be a lie to say it has been anything less.  His passing was unexpected and shocking, which has left me with uncontrollable grief on a bad day, a foggy mind on a good day, and too many restless nights to count.  As time goes on, it gets marginally easier and I’ve learned to accept that this is my life for the time being; but I know there is another side to all this and it’s good, it’s waiting for me, and to have patience.

Along with my truly wonderful husband, kids, family, and friends, this blog has been what has kept me balanced.  Meeting new people, learning their stories, and being able to share a slice of someone’s life, I didn’t know about, has been a blessing.  The process of sharing these stories with you have made those days of grief manageable and the foggy days considerably brighter.

So today, on Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to make sure I thanked you for reading and supporting my blog.  It’s personal for me; it takes a lot of time and effort to post but never has it felt like a burden.  And isn’t that what sharing, being a part of a community, and being a part of something bigger than ourselves is all about?  It should come easily and feel great.

So, thank you again for being a part of what I enjoy so much.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


If you’re struggling with grief, Yolo Hospice provides counseling in a number of ways.  Please reach out to them, help yourself because you don’t have to be in this alone, especially during the holidays.  My first meeting is next week.

My Dad's first selfie :)
My Dad’s first selfie 🙂

Header Photo: Brandon Wehman | Wanderlust Photo Co. | Patagonia

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Kelly thank you for sharing your heart! Loss is such a real and personal journey that is not always easily expressed! Your creative outlet and talent is a blessing to me and our community! I always look forward to you posts 🙂

Kelly, what a heartfelt message! Truly bringing the meaning of thanksgiving and sharing in general to life! We are so happy you needed us too, because we need you! THANK YOU!
Your dad’s selfie is a keeper, what a great picture!