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Lindsey & Kelly Eat Woodland: Morgan’s On Main

L&K EW: Morgan's on main

Welcome to Lindsey & Kelly Eat Woodland, a new vlog feature highlighting the Woodland food scene.  Our goal is to eat our way around Woodland and introduce restaurants and their food to you.  However, even the most well-devised plans have hiccups.  Our inaugural attempt at a VisitWoodland vlog proved to be a challenge, both technically and script-wise.  Let’s just say I am no Guinevere’s Cafe & Bristo.  Have you seen their facebook videos?  They are naturals!

I’ll set up our video on Morgan’s On Main, because, well, we didn’t do an intro!  We just went in there, started ordering and began eating….and it was fabulous.  Only while I was editing did I realize we didn’t do a thorough introduction on why we are doing the video, where we were, what the game plan was…and who the heck Lindsey is?!  Doh!!  Stick with us as we improve our vlogging skills; Including better video, audio and pictures.  No matter what,  Lindsey and I had a blast and we are truly looking forward to sharing our meals with you.

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce Lindsey & Kelly Eat Woodland: Morgan’s on Main.


Hi Everyone, I’m Kelly Newsom from VisitWoodland.com and this is my friend Lindsey Strange.  Together we are going to share our adventures as we eat our way through the Woodland food scene.  Every other week or so, we’ll choose one restaurant and head over there for a meal.  We’ll share information about what we’re eating, introduce you to the Chef or owner(s), and give some recommendations on favorite dishes.  We want to point out, we are not food critics.  We just love food, and we love our town.  So sit back and enjoy Lindsey & Kelly Eat Woodland.

Tonight we’re visiting Morgan’s on Main, one of Woodland’s newest restaurants.  Located at 614 Main Street, Morgan’s is most definitely a hot spot in town.  We’re going to meet Morgan’s Chef, John Gamboni, and try one of his recommended dishes.  So, let’s go for it….

If you have trouble viewing, please use this link to view directly on YouTube, or click the gear on the lower right side and view at 480p, the video will load faster.

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