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Music In The Courtyard, A Summer Concert Series


Sometimes it takes awhile for me to hear about one of our local events.  Like the free Music in the Courtyard series, hosted by Tom and Meg Stallard.  It’s taken me eight years to find out that every Saturday night, during the summer months, the Stallard’s have organized live music in the patio area behind Steve’s Place Pizza.  This event sounds amazing and I’m looking forward to my next free Saturday evening.

Check out Meg’s Q & A and at the end of the post is the Music in the Courtyard calendar.  Enjoy!

Event Summary
Music in the Courtyard
Saturday Evenings
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Steve’s Place Pizza Courtyard
714 Main Street

Please tell me your name and your role in this event.
Tom and Meg Stallard – we organize and host the Music in the Courtyard series.

What is Music in the Courtyard?
Music in the Courtyard is a summer series of free concerts held in the courtyard, behind Steve’s Pizza in downtown Woodland (714 Main Street). This is our 8th year of music. We started with just one concert, then three the next year, and the following summer we ran all summer long. This summer we have a total of 13 groups playing. We run from 7 – 9 p.m. every Saturday night through Labor Day weekend. 

Is this a seasonal series?
Yes, it is a summer series only.
10373110_1437095883227958_8896902998754359059_oHow did this event come about?  How did it start?
We started in 2009 with a group called Funky Skunk Railroad, a local garage band that included Gary and Mary Sandy’s son, Owen. They were looking for places to play, and we thought the courtyard would be a good spot. They played again the next year, but then they graduated from high school and headed off to college.

How does a band contact you if they’d like to participate?
Bands get in touch in a number of ways – through email, word of mouth, stopping by on a Saturday night. We actually have a full plate now mostly with returning groups, though there is often a new group we invite. If we hear a group locally that we like, we get their information for our files. We have a group of ‘regulars’ that we invite every year. We do give a stipend to the bands.

11828745_1625321707738707_9000333867660233515_nWhat do you want Woodland to know about this concert series?
The music is always good, and an evening spent in the courtyard with family and/or friends can’t be beat. It’s a wonderful way to spend a summer evening enjoying the best of Woodland. The food is great, the music is terrific. There is a mix of music, though we seem to be leaning more toward jazz these days. But we have some great 60s music, rock and roll and salsa music still to come! And there is no admission charge.

All photos provided by Meg Stallard.

Music in the Courtyard Calendar:


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