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Musictown Studios

Jason and Kacee Squires opened Musictown Studio in 2012 and have since found an unexpected niche in group classes beyond their initial music and voice lessons.  They recently expanded to a second space, at 221 W. Main St, which has allowed the addition of creative art classes such as sewing and photography. The group classes are the perfect compliment to the growing private music and voice lessons (they are teaching over 250 lessons per week!)

The space expansion has also allowed for a special project close to the Squires’ heart.  The launch of Musictown Gives Back,  a program which allows refurbished musical instruments and equipment to be ‘re-homed’ to non-profits or students in need, has been always been on Jason and Kacee’s wishlist but space constraints never allowed it to be possible until now.

Jason was kind enough to talk with me about his business, read below.

Musictown Studios

215 Court St & 221 W. Main Street
Woodland, Ca 95695
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Upcoming Events & Classes
Toddler Music | Begins October 2
The Elephant in the Room Workshop | October 4
Chris Sligh in Concert | October 13
Songwriting with Chris Sligh | October 14
List of Lessons

What is Musictown Studios?
We provide private music and voice lessons and have expanded into group classes; Photography, video editing, sewing and a toddler music program.

You’ve recently expanded, what spurred that?
We have two locations, 215 Court Street and 221 W Main Street.   At the Court Street location we were pushing the seams of the space.  We kept hitting a ceiling on how many students we could have per class and we have over 250 students currently enrolled.  So, every conversation we had brought us back to expansion into a second space.  The capacity for us is now 600 students on a weekly basis, which is just crazy for us to think about.  But we took a risk and we are thankful that we currently have 250 people willing to look to us for their needs every week!

How long have you been in business and what started you on this path?
It is kind of funny, from the day we had the idea to open this business to actually opening the doors was only five weeks.  It was crazy, but my wife and I like to dream.  I bring the ideas and she pokes holes through them! When we talked about this dream she loved it.  I have a music degree and she is a teacher. So this combined both of our passions, it made sense for us.  We really strive for a relational approach, making sure we’re connecting with our students beyond just the lesson.  It’s a family atmosphere and everyone is on board, from our teachers to the families/students we teach.

When did you go beyond music lessons?
We started with the basics lessons; guitar, drums, piano.  I’ve always tried to run with the mantra of, “If there is a need, we try to fill it.” When we were asked about photography class it was a no brainer because it fits within our mission of teaching creative arts.  The progression into other lessons just happened.  Sewing was new for us, it was outside our typical class, but it absolutely fits in our mission.  It’s been a cool addition to our studio.  Our instructors are considered subject matter experts, most already teaching at some level.  We have 16 instructors and all but six live outside of Woodland.

What can one expect from a lesson?
We have both group and individual classes.  For instance, the photography, video editing and sewing classes are only done in a group setting.  We offer private musical instrument and voice lessons with 30 minute sessions, once a week.  {follow this link for more info}

How do you keep fresh and on top of trends?
Our students kind of drive that.  In our classes and sessions we try to find the student’s passion and then use that as the springboard to move forward and customize the plan.

How has the increased traffic to the Downtown Woodland area helped you?
We’ve received calls because people have driven by and noticed our building.  As more people come to downtown we’re seeing a direct impact to our business.  It feels like a great time to be in Woodland.

What do you want Woodland to know?
That we are here!  I grew up in Woodland and if you would have asked us 10 years ago where we saw ourselves, we never would have said, “Oh, we’ll own a music studio.”  Now that we’re here, we can’t imagine ourselves anywhere else.  We are also launching a new program called Musictown Gives Back.  At our W. Main campus we have a workshop where donated instruments and sound equipment are refurbished so that we can then donate these items to non-profits and people that are in need.  So, if anyone has instruments or musical equipment we would gladly take those items for this new program.