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Neighborhood Cocktail Hour

Not long ago a few of our neighbors decided to get together for a cocktail hour.  We are all so busy that we figured it was time to carve out an hour or two to connect, check in with each other, and catch up.  We’ve all agreed it’s to be a simple evening; appetizers and drinks, plus the company of each other.  We recently had our second cocktail hour at the home of a neighbor and I thought I’d share how easy it is to coordinate your own neighborhood cocktail hour.

How can you start this tradition in your neighborhood?  Do it in six easy steps…
1.  Trade cell phone numbers with your neighbors
2.  Rotate who hosts the cocktail hour
3.  Host texts neighbors with possible dates.  The date with the most available participants wins!
4.  If you’re the host: provide glasses, an appetizer or two, and a couple of beverage options (including water).
5.  If you’re the guest – bring an appetizer or dessert and a bottle of wine.
6.  Gather together, catch up and unwind.

I have no doubt that as we continue this tradition more neighbors will be added to the mix.  I’m looking forward to it…

P.S.  Invite one of two “country living” folks to your next cocktail hour, show them what urban living is like 🙂

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Header Photo by Nakita Cheung on Upsplash.com

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