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Norcal Indoor Sport

Bubble soccer is a thing, did you know that?  It’s where you are encased in a plastic, cushiony bubble and play soccer.  Players find themselves colliding with the other players and being flipped backward, but miraculously landing upright, completely safe.  It looks like a blast, check out this video.  Bubble soccer may be a big attraction at Norcal Indoor Sports, but every Friday night you can transport yourself back to the days of roller skating 70’s style in a darkened rink with disco lights and fog, skating endless circles with your friends.  Do you remember when Woodland had the skating rink at Lincoln and California Ave…heart swoon <3, so many fun memories!

Norcal Indoor Sport has a little something for everyone no matter your age.  Their mainstay activity is the indoor hockey and soccer leagues but they’ve recently installed batting cages with both baseball and softball options.

Check out my conversation with Owner, Matt Fosenburg.  He took over ownership in May of this year and he’s looking to make Norcal Indoor Sports the hub for quality indoor sports for Woodland and beyond.

Norcal Indoor SportsWhat is your name and tell me about your business?
My name is Matt Fosenburg.  I come from a family that has owned small businesses for 35 years.  We started with a pizza franchise and in the last six years, my father has owned an indoor sporting complex in Antioch.  I worked at both businesses but went on to my own ventures.  I moved to Texas and then when I came back this location was for sale.  We decided since we had already had this type of business in Antioch, we should do the same here.  The Antioch location, Antioch Indoor Sports, is still in business.

Norcal Indoor SportsHow did you, and your father for that matter, get into this business?
It started because I played hockey.  My family was a big baseball family, we were very involved in the community, especially with our pizza parlor.  But when I was 12 I decided I wanted to play hockey.  It broke my dad’s heart, but I fell in love with the sport.  My dad saw the business side of it all and when the economy turned for the worse he took a gamble and opened an indoor sporting facility.  It’s done very well and Norcal Indoor Sports is modeled after it, although we are a little bit bigger in size.

Norcal Indoor SportsDid you think you’d ever have your own business?
No, I actually worked in the software industry.  I tested and installed software for companies all across the country.  But it all came about at a time when I was at a crossroads, I wasn’t sure the path I was going to take and this opportunity came up.  I’ve always wanted something for myself, on my own.

What has been the evolution from open to now?
A lot has changed. We use to have Woodland gymnastics housed inside the building.  They’ve recently moved.  So, I’m looking for a new tenant.  I’m also installing batting cages.  I’ve also learned that Woodland gets very hot in the summer, so I’ve added fans.  The customers seem to like that a lot.  We’ve seen an increase in the hockey league which has been great.  We changed how the league is structured and the teams appreciate it a lot more.

Norcal Indoor SportsWhat services do you provide?
Our main focus is in-line hockey, youth to adult and beginner to advanced.  We also have indoor soccer, both youth, and adult.  We will have the batting cages soon.  One thing people are really starting to love is bubble soccer.  It’s where you are completely enclosed in a bubble ball and you can’t get hurt.  It’s a blast!  We also do public skating for parties, and public disco skating on Friday night.  It’s a fun time, we cover the entire building in fog, turn on the disco ball and play music.

Do you rent skates?
We welcome you to bring your own skates, but we do have rentals.  We have both roller skates and inline skates

Norcal Indoor SportsWhat do you want Woodland to know about Norcal Indoor Sports?
That we are here!  I hear on a daily basis that people don’t know we even exist.  They have no idea that there’s indoor hockey leagues or indoor soccer.  We do a lot of social media marketing and are starting to work with the schools to get kids active.  But really, we want people to know that we are here seven days a week.


Check out Norcal Indoor Sports’ website for more information about upcoming events and rental availability.

Norcal Indoor Sports
1460 Tanforan Ave,
Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 406.1100

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