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People of Woodland – A New Feature


A new feature will soon be gracing the pages of the VisitWoodland blog.  It’s called People Of Woodland.  It’s an opportunity to share glimpses of the people who call or called Woodland their home.  People Of Woodland is dedicated to just what it says, the People Of Woodland.  At times we may feature a community organizer or a random person walking down the street.  Regardless of who the post is about, the reason we’re doing this is to be a part of our community.  We’re hoping these snapshots give you an insight into the people who make this great town.  In addition to People Of Woodland, we’ve decided to also start two sub-features – Vets Of Woodland and Women Of Woodland.

Although the people and stories can be complex, our Vets Of Woodland posts will be simple; we will share a picture or two and a copy of their handwritten interview.  Sometimes there is an awkwardness when asking veterans about their time in the military.  Maybe you don’t want to intrude?  You’re not the only one feeling this way.  So, we’re going to get the conversation started for you.  You’ll learn about their least favorite memory, what you can do to initiate a conversation with them and how serving has affected their lives.  It’s real and in their words.

The Women Of Woodland posts are a collaboration of Korynne Edgington and Kelly Newsom.  Taking the lead from the popular #WomenWhoWork campaign, Korynne and Kelly decided to change it up a bit and feature the women of Woodland.  It’s time to remove the expectations and assumptions of how we think women should be.  Instead, we’ll hear directly from the women themselves via a short video and a handwritten questionnaire.  If you didn’t already know it, the Women Of Woodland will show how multi-dimensional, dynamic and totally amazing they are.  No more stereotypes, no more labels.  Just women, being real and owning it!

You’re invited to share your own experiences as either a #PeopleOfWoodland, #VetsOfWoodland or a #WomenOfWoodland by hashtaging (#) your photos or stories on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Make sure to tag @visitwoodland on any social media outlet so we can read and share your story.

Thank you for supporting this blog and what we’re trying to accomplish.

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