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People of Woodland: Farrell Scott

Woodland totally scored when 11 years ago  Farrell Scott accepted a job in town.  Since then, Farrell has put her own mark on Woodland and will continue to do so since she recently relocated her own business here.  She is the current Creative Director at Yolo Eats and is also managing the construction of Morgan’s on Main’s The Bar (which is opening next weekend!).  And her talents don’t stop there, she is a trained graphic designer, web developer, and is the owner of her own photography and creative space businesses.  With what is seemingly endless energy, Farrell discussed her multiple career transitions and what her thoughts are on Woodland.

img_0170-1 What is your business, Farrell?
I have two businesses, Create Space and Farrell Scott Photography. Create Space is the design side of the business.  I’ve created a co-working space where people can rent the studio or rent a space for their business.  It’s geared toward creatives because it is difficult to find creative studio space on your own, whether it be because of cost or accessibility/availability of space.  In this space, I’ve partnered with Emily Tidwell, from Emily Tidwell Photography.  I’m thinking we can fit one more creative person in this space and there is an option to expand into more space if we think there is a need.

How long have you been a photographer and where did you start?
I’ve been a photographer for 15 years and started in-house with WDC Explorations & Wells doing all their creative work, video and photography, but I’m also a graphic designer.  I received eight years of industrial experience and then I got to the point where I wanted to venture out on my own.  I needed to figure out what type of photography I loved and the number one answer was food but I love architecture as well, which is a given because I love interior design too.  With a background in  industrial photography,  I gravitated to agriculture.  I’m not afraid to get dirty, so photographing farmland is a natural progression.  I have a client that I’m working on a walnut and tomato video and a new client from out of state who just sent me their new honey.

13934710_10153971466033315_4063850528922196198_nWhat does your work with the honey client entail?
This client was on Shark Tank and was picked up as a young kid.  When he was 12 he was traveling on a plane and happen to sit by a beekeeper. So, he learned about bees and what is happening to the bees.  He asked his mom for his first beehive.  A couple of years later they had more honey than they knew what to do with.  He started developing different flavors, they have six right now.  They’ve just been picked up by Amazon Launchpad and they needed help.  I’m providing them with the content to use; still-life that features the ingredients that are infused into the honey and working on their jar and squeeze bottles.  Beyond that, it can turn into a cookbook.  It’s very exciting.

What brought you to Woodland?
I’m from Sacramento, born and raised.  After photography school, I was freelancing but was asked to start up an after school arts program, which I did for about a year and half.  When that was over, I knew I wanted to do freelance photography but it’s hard to start from scratch.  A friend of my who worked at a temp agency let me know about a business in Woodland that wanted to bring their creative in-house.  The business was a water well drilling company, owned by Jeff Morgan, which was a bit out of left field for me!  I did a three-month trial with the company who was ready to rebrand, to do a complete 180.  They gave me free-reign as Creative Director and I loved the challenge of a field I never thought I’d ever be involved with.

14310530_10154055566613315_4276198245048699808_oWhat is being a Creative Director mean?
So, you are coming up with a brand identity, which is a part of the strategic package, marketing wise.  Most people think of a company’s logo, but it is really about everything someone would see, touch, or smell (if it’s food oriented).  It even goes into the customer service too.  For my role, I overhauled the website, marketing materials, and sell sheets for the salespeople.  I was even educated on customer service by the Disney Institue, which I then brought back to the company to teach what I learned.  In this particular job, Jeff was looking to change the culture and all of these pieces are a part of that communication.  Consistency across all materials, verbiage, videos (and more) is very important.  We actually did this overhaul again five years later.

That job eventually led you to be even more connected with Woodland.
Yes, the water well drilling company was sold and Jeff asked me to come photograph his new headquarters he was remodeling on 2nd & Lincoln Ave.  So, for a year I photographed the complete remodel of that building.  As he started to get BlackPine and Yolo Eats up and running I did all the creative for those businesses; Logos and websites.   Creatively, I understand Jeff and Kellie Morgan’s vision.  It’s been a wonderful relationship.

11831805_10153191472338315_2720916861096364164_nYou did the interiors at Maria’s Cantina.  What was that like?
Up until that point, I hadn’t done interiors for Jeff, but I talked about my love for interior design.  My experience to that point had been just with family and friends, not professionally per say.  So my first interior job was his location on 2nd and Lincoln.  There were no furnishings in the space.  I spent about 8 months finishing the building.  When the restaurant came about another interior designer was hired to create the master plan, but when it came to choosing the fabric and hardscapes, that’s when I took over.  I worked with Emily Murphey on the project.  It was really exciting.

What’s changed about Woodland since you first started coming here 11 years ago?
I like that the change has happened gradually.  I remember wondering, “What’s going on with Woodland?”.   There is massive potential here; We have the architecture and the history.  It could be an Ashland, Oregon or Wellesley, Massachusettes.  It’s really a matter of getting the right retail and restaurants and getting the City to restore the buildings.  Now, there are people coming from Sacramento and surrounding areas to eat in Woodland.  Plus the Farm to Fork movement is growing and taking its roots here.  I’m hoping this change keeps the community here.  A lot of times, in smaller towns, the younger generations leave and don’t come back – which hurts the community.  But if you can bring on a certain level of a lifestyle that is attractive to millennials the better.  It will keep the town prosperous.  There really is so much going for Woodland.

13315532_10153792175578315_7641282117764789819_nWhat other projects have you done or have going on here in Woodland?
I just finished the Coldwell Banker offices. Last year I had Morgan’s on Main and I’ve done several homes in Woodland.  Right now The Bar is under construction, which is part of Morgan’s on Main.  I’ve been taking photographs of the construction process and using Instagram to share it.  I also am working on a private home.  I’m also the Yolo Eats’ Creative Director, kind of like the ‘doorkeeper’ of the brand.  It’s important to make sure the message is the same across the board.

What do you want Woodland to know?
I’m really excited to be working in Woodland and to be a part of the growth.  By my own choice, I’m really concentrating on interior design and photography and stepping away from the graphic design and web development.  I’m just really happy to be here.

All photos courtesy of Farrell Scott, except where noted.

Farrell Scott
1059 Court Street
Bldg. B Suite 112
Woodland, CA 95695
Website | Instagram | Facebook

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