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Reiff’s Annual Street Bash In Woodland

This Saturday, June 11 (2016), is the 16th Annual Reiff’s Street Bash.  Held at the Reiff Gas Station Museum at 52 Jefferson Ave, the yearly bash is open to everyone who wants to enjoy music, prizes, and an amazing potluck!  Mark Reiff owner of the museum and creator of the Street Bash, shared the 411 on this very popular event.

Event Summary
Reiff’s Annual Street Bash
53 Jefferson Ave
Starts at 4:00 pm
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What’s the Reiff’s Annual Street Bash?
The Annual Street Bash is a potluck party for the public.  We have custom cars, over 40 raffles prizes, live music, and good fun.

How many years has the Street Bash been around?  How has it grown?
This is 16th Annual Street Bash.  The first Street Bash had around 60 cars and around 200 people.  Last year we had 120 cars and 900 people!  Every year we have more cars, more people, and more fun.

27039885850_9910fe2b22_oHow far do people travel to come to the Street Bash?
People travel from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Redding to be here.

Are there any requirements for the car show?
No requirements, I’m not picky.  Just park the car on McKinley or Jefferson.

What time does it start?
Starts at 4:00 pm and ends around 11:30 pm or until I tell everyone to get the hell out of here!

27217475762_3644f4e315_oWhat do you want people to know about Reiff’s Street Bash?
This is a fun event for public.  It’s a potluck, so bring something to share with 6-8 people. We have 50’s & 60’s music playing, beautiful custom cars and have raffles with good prizes.  Don’t forget your own chair too!

Check out these videos about the Street Bash and Reiff’s Gas Station Museum:

Photos provided by Al Eby