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The Dog Park

If you’ve ever driven by the Community Center during the early evening hours, you are sure to have noticed a small group of people gathered at the small dog park.  It’s a nightly event for these folks and their small pooches; they come out around the same time every night, with folded chairs in hand and chat while their dogs run and play.

Around three years ago, as individuals, each person came to the dog park to simply let their dog run, expend energy and socialize them with other dogs. Over time, bonds began to form and today they have a community they can depend upon for socializing, laughter and friendship.

On a Sunday evening in September, I ventured out to take some photos and ask a few questions.

  • Q1: Why do you like the dog park?
  • Q2: What is the difference between a dog lover and a cat lover?

Clearly, I’m a hard hitting reporter!  If you have a small dog, be sure to venture out there one evening.  You will be welcomed!

Note: By the time I began asking my questions there were probably 18 dogs at the park.  It became rather confusing as to who belonged to who, so unfortunately I didn’t capture all the dog’s and corresponding owner’s names.  If I was able to sort it out, the dog’s name is in parenthesis and please note, the pictures do not correspond with the answers.

Dog Park

Name: Sarah (Whiskey and Denver)
Q1: I think the people.  I moved here in February from Denver.  I didn’t know anybody, and these guys are now the people I know.  They’ve given me a little community to socialize with.
Q2: I think dog lovers have a happier personality, maybe?

Name: Tyler
Q1: Its a nice place to be.  Our dog gets to play with other dogs.  We’ve been coming for about a year
Q2: Dog lovers are more social, I think.  It’s easier to sit at home with a cat.  You have to get out with a dog.

Dog Park

Name: Debbie (Cookie and Ozzy)
Q1: Socialization and good people.  It helps my dogs get some energy out.  I’ve been coming here for four years.
Q2: I have two cats at home, so I can appreciate both animals.  In fact, we have a 10×10 kennel outside for our cats.  We created an alley from the dog door to the kennel so they can enjoy the outdoors too!

Name: John (Maybelline)
Q1: For me to watch the dogs run around is therapy.  It’s peaceful and quiet.  The people are nice too.
Q2: I don’t like cats.  There’s a lot of difference, and none are good! I kind of like baby cats, but they grow up.

Dog Park

Dog Park

Name: Carol (Mick)
Q1: Well, he’s (her dog) is still a puppy, so if I don’t bring him everyday he goes berzerk!  He needs the outlet.  That’s the main reason I started coming, but then I met the people, and they are all so nice.
Q2: I happen to have them both!  Where I live you can only have so many animals, and if it weren’t for that I’d have a lot more cats.  There’s a name of people like me, “crazy cat lady”.

Name: Sadie (Shiloh and Rollie)
Q1: I like that my dog gets to interact with other dogs.  He’s active so when we come out here he is much more calm at home.  The people are really nice too.
Q2: The difference?  I didn’t know there was a difference.  I have four cats.  I have a mean cat and then a nice cat.  Maybe dog people are more active while cat people sit at home with their cat on their lap.

Dog Park

Dog Park

Name: Anne (Little Guy)
Q1: I love that my dog can run free, and the sense of community is awesome.  I don’t think anyone knows how great it is unless you’ve been out here.
Q2: I think there aren’t any real differences, its just preference.  If someone is loving and compassionate they can have a love for an animal.


Woodland Community Center
Small and Large Dog Park
2001 East Street
Woodland, CA 95776