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Tractors & Brews: A California Agriculture Museum Event

20150813_141429The California Agricultural Museum is holding its largest fundraising event, Tractors & Brews, this Thursday, June 16th.  If you’re curious about what the museum is read up on my conversations with Executive Director Lorili Ostman, here & here.

Event Summary
Tractors & Brews
Thursday, June 16th
6:00 – 9:00 pm
Hayes Lane
Website | Facebook Event | Tickets

Tell me about your upcoming event, Tractors & Brews.
This will be our fourth year.  It started off as a thank you to major donors and now donors are more like sponsors.  The event has morphed into a fundraising opportunity.  We’re trying to fund a new special item for the museum, which will be revealed at the event.

How many volunteers does this event take?
We need about 20 volunteers for this event.  We are expecting over 500 guests this year!  We want to entertain and engage people, so having volunteers is helpful.

What’s new this year?
The most important change is the name.  We received a lot of feedback and we listened!  The name Tractors & Brews goes well with the museums theme.  We will also have an MC, a live band (Biscuits ‘n’ Honey) and more food and drink than we’ve ever had.  We’re looking for this to become a regional event, where people come and stay in Woodland.

Where will the fund from this event be allocated?
The funds will go right back into the museums, specifically special projects.  Those include refreshing all the museum’s signs that are 19 plus years old.

biscuits n honeyWhat to expect.
“Just to get started, Asante Catering and Buckhorn are serving hearty tastes.  Tri-tips will be smokin’ and carved up. Vines include favorites like Lagunitas,  Blue Note, and Carvalho Family Winery. The bar also features a signature drink emphasizing distilled grains.  Guests can support the Museum by purchasing a “bottomless” beer glass with endless refills, or make individual purchases to sample beers, wines, and distilled grains.” – excerpt from CA Ag Museum press release


Photos provided by the California Agriculture Museum