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Vets Of Woodland: John Newsom

John Newsom: Vets of Woodland

Name: John Newsom

What Branch of the Armed Forces were you with: United States Marines
What was your rank when you finished serving: CPL
How long did you serve?  3 Years
Were you deployed, where?  Korea 1 year
Fondest memory while serving?  There was a lot.  Probably coming home from Korea
Least favorite memory?  Aboard troop ships.  Coming home from Korea and going there, I was sea sick going both ways.  22 days.
How has serving affected your life?  At age 17, coming off the farm in Benton County, TN working as a sharecropper.  The Marines taught me there is a better way of life.  Still today I practice a lot of things the USMC way of life taught me.  I loved it.  I would do it all over if I could.  SEMPER FI!!
If someone wants to ask about your service, what’s the best way for them to approach you?  Come ask me.  I’m easy to talk to.  I will tell it like it was, I tell it all.
What do you want people to know about you as a Veteran?  In 1952, I enlisted in the Corps, signed on the dotted line to give my life for freedom, if it came to that.  I would do it all over again if I had to.

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