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Women Of Woodland – Korynne and Kelly

Welcome to the first Women Of Woodland post.  Today, you’re meeting Korynne Edgington and me, Kelly Newsom.  Korynne and I met less than two months ago and bonded over the idea of empowering the women of Woodland to tell us who they are in their own words.  So, what better way than to officially kick off Women Of Woodland than by introducing ourselves.

As you’ll see we’ve each cut a short 15 second video of who we are, followed by a written questionnaire.  Each Women Of Woodland post will follow this format.  You will likely notice that our videos are different; one was filmed with a video camera, while the other with an iPhone.  No matter your style or how you record your own Women Of Woodland video (full hair & makeup/just getting out of bed, color/bw or video camera/cell phone), your words are what is most important.

Korynne and I invite you to be a Women Of Woodland.  Tell us who you are!

Korynne Edgington - Q & A