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Although Yolo Ballooning Adventures is relatively new, the accumulated knowledge and experience of its staff totals more than 32 years in the ballooning industry! With no other local companies offering rides exclusively over the farmlands of Yolo County, General Manager Michael Veliz decided to start Yolo Ballooning Adventures with a goal to provide safe and scenic hot air balloon flights over beautiful Yolo County

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Yolo Ballooning Adventures flies only the safest and highest quality equipment on the market! Our customers will enjoy a flight above the valley floor in our beautiful balloons built in the USA by Lindstrand Balloons, Galena, IL and Cameron Balloons, Ann Arbor Michigan. Our basket carries 1 pilot and up to a maximum of 10 passengers*, creating a more intimate flying experience for our guests. *Subject to weight limitations

History of Ballooning: An Abbreviated History September 19, 1783 ~ A sheep, a duck, and a rooster become the first passengers in a hot air balloon launched by the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph and Ettienne. November 21, 1783 ~ The first recorded manned flight in a hot air balloon took place in Paris. Built from paper and silk by the Montgolfier brothers, this balloon was piloted on a 22 minute flight by two noblemen from the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. January 19, 1784 ~ In Lyon, France, the only recorded flight by Joseph Montgolfier was made in one of the largest balloons ever made. September 15, 1784 ~ An Italian, Vincenzo Lunardi, made the first balloon flight outside of France. The 500 cubic metre balloon flew from Moorfields in England and landed near Ware. November 30, 1784 ~ Launching their balloon from Rhedarium Garden, London, another Frenchman, Jean-Pierre Blanchard, and an American, John Jeffries, make their first flight. January 7, 1785 ~ the same team of Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries became the first to fly across the English Channel. January 9, 1793 ~ the first flight of a balloon in North America occured in Philadelphia and was piloted by Jean-Pierre Blanchard. October 10, 1960 ~ the official birth date of the modern hot-air balloon. The first man-carrying free flight took place at Bruning, Nebraska, in the Raven prototype ‘modern’ hot-air balloon. The 30,000 cu ft envelope was constructed of a polyurethane coated nylon and the burner was propane powered. By 1963, the growing sport was able to sustain the first U.S. national championships.

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